A master’s degree is an investment of time and money, and can be daunting for the working adult to pursue. That being said, a master’s degree can help you get ahead in your career, give you a competitive advantage, and allow you to become an expert in the field.

So why is a Master’s in Athletic Training Practice worth the investment?

Keep Up With Your Peers

In 2022, the standard level of entry for the athletic training profession is a master’s degree. For those who entered the field prior, while they don’t need to earn their master’s, they may be missing out on knowledge and skills that newer athletic trainers would have learned in their course of study.

An MS in Athletic Training Practice provides a strong foundation for current practitioners to learn areas of specialization and advanced competencies as outlined in Practice Analysis, 7th Edition.

This program ensures you are up to date on knowledge and practices that are now standard across the athletic training field.

Earn Your Advanced Degree Before Entering the Field

Those who are Board of Certification (BOC) eligible, have certification from the BOC, or hold state licensure for athletic training are eligible for the Master of Science in Athletic Training Practice program. You don’t need to be a current practicing athletic trainer to enroll in the program. If you’ve completed your undergraduate degree in athletic training prior to 2022, but haven’t started your practice yet, you can enter this program to earn a greater depth of knowledge before entering the field.

Earn Your Degree While Continuing Your Career

With a primarily online format, the MS in Athletic Training practice is designed for working athletic trainers, to advance their skill set while continuing to work. Additionally, the program features an accelerated option, which allows you to complete the program in under two years. All coursework can be completed online, with the exception of two, one-credit lab courses that are completed during an on-site summer immersion session. This summer immersion session allows you to get hands-on experience in practical athletic training skills.

Open Up Career Pathways

Earning your master’s degree opens you up to greater opportunities. The MS in Athletic Training Practice program allows you to transfer credits into the PhD in Health Science program. If you have interest in conducting your own research within the field, earning your master’s degree puts you on the right path to be able to do so.

Ready to Earn Your Degree?

Get started today. Learn more about the MS in Athletic Training Practice program, and when you’re ready, fill out an application.