Kim Isaac, PhD, AT, LAT


  • PhD in Athletic Training, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
    Dissertation Topic: “Effects of Clinical Case Scenarios on Athletic Training Students’ Confidence Levels with Diabetic Emergency”
  • MS in Kinesiology, Athletic Training Indiana University Bloomington
    Thesis Topic: “Changes in performance and muscle activation of the knee and ankle on different playing surfaces”
  • BS in Athletic Training and in Sports Management, Wellness Wilmington College
    Sports Medicine Senior Thesis Project: “Clinical hours: Is the number a key to success on the NATABOC examination?”

Courses Taught

  • RS615 Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation in Sport
  • ATH720 Orthopedic Applications & Procedures


  • Athletic Training Clinical Workbook: A Guide to the Competencies” publication through F.A. Davis Publishers
  • Platform Research Presentation GLATA Winter meeting: “An investigation of lower extremity muscle activation and performance on different playing surfaces
  • Poster presentation NATA Convention: “An investigation of performance time on Astro-Turf, AstroPlay and natural grass.”
  • Miller(Isaac) KB, Bates JL, Docherty CL, Black RE, Schrader J. “An investigation of performance time on astro-turf, astroplay and natural grass.” JAT: May 2008,43(3) Supplement, pp. S-1-S-160.

Research Interests

  • 2014 Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting (peer reviewed)
    • “Athletes’ Compliance of Personal Hygiene and Preventing Infectious Skin Conditions”
    • “Factors Affecting Athletic Training Students’ Confidence in the Clinical Setting”
    • “Prevalence of Unreported Concussions in a Division III Collegiate Football Team”
  • 2013 Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting (peer reviewed posters)
    • “The Importance of Medical Professionalism when Using Social Media”
    • “Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on ATCs’ Employment and Reimbursement”
    • “Collegiate Freshman Football Players lack of Knowledge of Heat Illness and Acclimatization”
    • “Dancers’ Understanding of Athletic Training Profession May Increase Value of ATCs in the Performing Arts”
    • “Perception of Male Body Image Between Strength and Endurance Athletes”
    • “Comfort of Student Athletes Confiding in Certified Athletic Trainers About Sexually Transmitted Diseases”
    • “Differing Opinions Found Between Certified Athletic Trainers and the NATA Regarding Emergency Spinal Immobilization”
    • “Alcohol Consumption Habits of College Athletes”
    • “Why Athletic Training Students go to Professional School and Leave the Athletic Training Field”
    • “College Freshman Lack Understanding of Athletic Training Scope of Practice”
    • “Patients’ Perceptions of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments”
    • “Are ATEPs Adequately Educating Athletic Training Students on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)”
    • “Is There a Need to Incorporate Third Party Reimbursement Competencies within an ATEP?”
    • “Student Athletes’ Perceptions of ATCs’ Professional Appearance”
    • “ATCs Valued but not Considered Medical Professional by U.S. Military”
  • 2012 Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting (peer reviewed)
    • Athletic Training Students’ comfort levels treating RA”
    • “EMTs’ comfort levels with Athletic Trainers treating spine injuries”
    • “The choices of beverages of athletes for re-hydration purposes”
  • 2011 Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting (peer reviewed)
    • “The Essential Knowledge Needed to Ensure Proper Rehydration of Football players”
  • 2010 Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting (peer reviewed)
    • “High School and Collegiate Approved Clinical Instructors Effectiveness as Perceived by Athletic Training Students”
    • “Athletes’ Perceptions on Athletic trainers with Disabilities”
  • 2009 Ohio Athletic Trainer’s Association Annual Meeting (peer reviewed)
    • “Student Athletes’ Knowledge and Attitudes on Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus”
    • “What is Appropriate Professional Attire for Athletic Training Students?”
    • “The Role of the Undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program in the Professional Socialization of Athletic Training Students”
    • “College Professors’ Perceptions of the Athletic Training Profession Differ by Gender”